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Saint Francis Feline Sanctuary
45225 N. 16th Street, New River, Arizona 85087
 a 501c3 nonprofit association

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  Entrance to Sanctuary

       Heidi 1985

Our mission is to ensure the humane treatment of domestic felines and to bring people and domestic felines together to enrich each other's lives.

Saint Francis Feline Sanctuary was established in March 1980, as a no kill sanctuary for un-adoptable and special needs domestic felines.

It's goal is to maintain and expand Saint Francis Feline Sanctuary (SFFS) to ensure that "unadoptable" and "special needs" domestic felines can live out their lives in a peaceful, loving and tranquil home-like environment.

To improve the quality of relationships between people and domestic felines with emphases on populations such as : abused children, the elderly and those who gain comfort from the "healing power" of felines.

To create educational programs utilizing innovative methods to introduce the higher ideal of compassion towards felines and people and to define responsible feline guardianship.

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